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Tell us about your operation and we’ll use our first-hand farming experience

to find you the right irrigation products.

As Alberta’s only authorized Pierce and I-Feeder dealer,

Canadians can trust us to get them the best available irrigation equipment. 


Pierce Irrigation Products

We believe in delivering high-quality mechanized irrigation systems, which is why we sell Pierce pivots.

Standard Pivots

The Pierce CP-600 is the thoroughbred of the industry when it comes to large-scale pivot irrigation.


It’s a standard pivot that’s been designed and field-tested for durability. It features pace-setting advances only available with Pierce-built systems.

Linear Systems

Pierce engineers have developed a linear system that employs uniform components.

By standardizing the machine’s parts, Pierce has simplified assembly and service, creating a more efficient system.

Combine this with the most advanced manufacturing methods, parts, and electronics, and the result is the Linear System. It’s unequaled when it comes to effective and reliable crop irrigation, chemigation, and wastewater management.

Wide Stand Pivot Point

The PIERCE-CP600 pivot point base is comprised of four hot dipped galvanized structural angle iron steel legs, reinforced with 19 crossties; 4 crossties per side plus 7 crossties at the stainless steel control panel side to provide 4 adjustable mounting positions and support spans length up to 203.5’ (62.0m). The swivel elbow water inlet is made of stainless steel, and riser pipe is equipped with a unique conduit seal to ensure free smooth rotation




I-Feeder Technologies

I-Feeder provides products and expertise in all facets of precision chemical application, control and agitation systems.

Metering Pumps

Positive displacement pumps via diaphragm liquid end for accurate, durable and economical applications on a constant basis. Unaffected by outside influences such as pressure and water flow variations. Can run dry and is not sensitive to impurities and granules. Easy to use and maintain with few wearable working parts.

Automation CI Dosing Pump (Coming soon)

On board automation for I-Feeder metering pumps. Backwards integrable with all models of I-Feeder dosing pumps. Easy to use and requires minimal training. Produce better crop yields. Lower your operating costs. Manage your systems remotely.

Turnkey Metering Pump

Supplied complete with all accessories required for installation. It includes switchgear, non-return injection quill, chemical filter and fittings. The chemical valve consists of an anti-siphon/non return injection quill with a stainless-steel spring and a poly injection needle. The fittings include your nylon pipefitting, stainless steel clamps and PTFE tape as required for installation. All mounted on a lightweight 316 stainless steel frame for ease of transport, protection and install.

MG Mixing Units

The I-Feeder flexible modular system is able to offer a wide-range of options. This makes it possible to configure the mixer components of motor, shaft and mixing blade optimally for the application's requirements.

Dosing Skids

Complete dosing skids are required when safety and accuracy are of paramount importance with minimum lead time for installation.” Learn more at I-Feeder Technologies or give us a call. 

Installation Accessories

We have access to all the parts and accessories you need to maintain your systems and ensure their long-term effectiveness.


FieldWise Intelligent Farming

FieldWise provides the versatility, durability, efficiency, economy, and flexibility needed to ensure your peace of mind, 24/7.


The FieldWise Platform is designed to be easily upgraded for any specific application as your needs grow, with all the components needed for any telemetry system. 

FieldWise App & Monitors

Efficiently manage your life's work from anywhere in the world with Fieldwise at your finger tips. Monitor pivots, pumps, bins, tanks and more, stay on top of the moisture level in your soil from afar, and be prepped and ready for any kind of weather with your own weather station. FieldWise products make collecting and logging your crops data easy to access, with full colour, touch screen monitors that don't wear out.




As a Flaman dealer, we sell and rent farm equipment like trailers, tillage, discs, mowers, spreaders, rollers, bins, and more.

Purchase Flaman Products

Buy your Flaman agricultural equipment through our knowledgeable & experienced team at I-Beam Irrigation. We’re an approved dealer and can supply you with everything you need.

Rent Flaman Products

We also rent various Flaman agricultural equipment to farmers across southern Alberta. Contact us to see what we have available, as our inventory changes often.




We supply ViviGro’s eco-friendly, biodegradable, organic, sustainable fertilizers. They offer a variety of products that are designed to not only improve crop production but also to secure the future of farming for upcoming generations. 


Their organic products aim to protect the soil so that it continues to provide nutrients for crops in a sustainable way.

Irrigation Products

for Farms in Southern Alberta

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