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Need Your Irrigation Equipment Serviced?

Get the Help You Need in Southern Alberta

Crops are unpredictable; they don’t always follow a schedule. We understand that when problems come up, they need to be fixed immediately to avoid expensive consequences. 


We’ll track down all your necessary replacement parts and get you back in business so your crops don’t suffer.

We have years of experience in the field working on equipment just like yours. Get in touch to talk to one of our experienced team members.

 Irrigation System Design

Whether you have a unique property or one that models thousands of plots across the province, we can help with irrigation design. 

We’ll take your business goals and budget into account to design a system that uses technology to optimize yields, profits, and overall results

Trenching & Installation

Once you’ve decided on an irrigation system, we’ll prepare your property and install it for you with no hidden or extra costs. 


Our team is practiced in efficient installation methods so farmers can get operations running in good time.

Complete Installation

Starting with a pivot pad and the pivot build, finished with PVC, pump, and install. We will build your pivot from the ground up, or add on to your existing setup. No detail will be overlooked.

Parts Fabrication

When an irrigation system requires a unique solution, we can design and create the parts needed.


To take advantage of the latest irrigation technology, we have a specialized electrician on our team. We apply our experience to optimize irrigation design and to maintain & repair your system’s electronics.

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